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People Development
    Stefan Scheurer
Mag. Phil. / MPhil
KPI St. Gallen
+41 79 543 06 31
  Coaching - topics
  • Situational sparring: successfully solve acute problems through intelligent monitoring
  (combination of dialogue, input and practical support)
• Slowing: comprehensive personal assessment on Mallorca with two-day relaxation and
  refocussing phase and personal diagnosis (Every Sat-Tue)
• Personalized profiling: The recognition and use of your own personal profile and the ability
  to read the profiles of others beyond counterproductive standardization
• From personal work methods to information logistics: reduce environmental complexity
  suitably, process flood of data systematically and transmit targeted information.
• My leadership analysis: Know your specific risk profile, identify the relevant context
  and derive the truly important goals.
• Sustainable change of behavior: ways to overcome your weaker self
  (Tools from the fields of competitive sports, neuro-didactics, behavioral therapy and diets).
• Sandwich management - bridging the expectations
  Other areas
  • A unique combination of training, consulting and sparring on the basis of the model
  KPI St. Gallen to ensure sustainable monitoring success.
• Situational sparring in the wake of tough challenges (sparring with managers in the course
  of succession, sparring with IT managers in the context of ERP implementation,
  (Sparring with functional area managers during a reorganization, etc.)
• Facilitation of workshops, large group processes and cybernetic large group concept
  (Conclusion) for complex issues and M & A situations
• Support in the context of strategic long-term and sustainable business and
  organizational development
• Design and implementation of management development programs
  • Degree in social science, media studies, information science, and politics, with a focus
  on systemic enterprise development
• Long-time athlete and coach at top international teams in professional sports (judo)
• Training program in management and strategy at the St. Gallen Management Center
• consultant and partner at such as KPMG Consulting, Management Zentrum St. Gallen
  (now Malik Management Institute) or the Management Manufaktur AG
• Many years of experience as a leader in service and industry
• Lecturer in various international courses and in the MBA program at colleges in St. Gallen
• Founding member of the open source product development initiative KPI St. Gallen
• Member of IDBZ
Organisational Development
Conflict Management