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People Development
    Joachim Hübner
Certified Psychologist
University of Konstanz
+49 172 704 33 79
  Coaching - topics
  • "Work - life balance"; understand one's own motives and driving forces / integration of
  different interests and aspirations, and finding one's place and self
  not make others life unnecessarily difficult / burnout prevention
• "I and others": personal responsibility and compassion as the basis for one's own
  life and job planning and assumption of responsibility at work and in society
• Acquisition and planning of leadership roles
• Communication style and effectiveness
• Development issues in the work context - career guidance
• Dealing with change and the "pressure for change"
• (Proactive) conflict management in the work context
  Other areas

• Situational testing, analysis of strengths and weaknesses
• Development of competency models and simulation scenarios
• Leadership and conflict training
• Working together
• Advising talent and management development managers and line managers
• Consulting in change processes

  • Studied Work- and Organizational Psychology University of Konstanz;
  Thesis in Management Diagnostics
• Studied Music at the AACM in San Rafael, California
• Training in Systemic Counseling and Therapy at the IFW Weinheim
• Advanced training in Organizational Development, Strategic HR Management, Executive
  Coaching, Ashridge, UK
• Employed at the Psychological Counseling Center, Mediation
• Coach in an advanced training course for the unemployed
• Long-standing board member of a specialized management development consultancy with
  responsibility of external representation and international business development
• Key account, process design and launch for customers in China, Russia, Poland,Malaysia,
  Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, South Africa, Greece, USA, Singapore
• Volunteer work on the board in the youth department of the Alpine Club
• Industry experience: banking, manufacturing, IT, automotive, healthcare, tourism, logistics
• Founded company HPOE
• Associate partner Ashridge Consulting, UK
• Various forms of cooperation and network partner with IDBZ
Organisational Development
Conflict Management