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People Development
Experts pool for interim tasks

Should you require resources to take on demanding interim tasks such as project management in organizational development, hosting of large meetings and events (conferences and symposia) or leadership roles such as human resource management, we can suggest skilled personnel from our extensive pool.

Coaching pool

Our experienced coaches advise and guide you professionally and effectively in addressing your issues and concerns. We will gladly assist you with the selection. You can also choose your coaches from the list yourself and contact them directly. Concerning the form of coaching and rates, please contact the chosen expert directly.
Organisational Development
Conflict Management

Urs Alter, Dr. phil.
Christof Baitsch, Prof. Dr. phil.
Marcel Bischoff
Sibylle Brock, Certified Engineer, Mediator MAS
Doris Caflisch, Certified Psychologist FH
Sieglind Chies, Managementconsulting
Moreno Della Picca, lic.phil. Psychologist FSP SGAOP
Claus D. Eck
Sibylle Feuz, Organizational Consultant, Coach bso, Mediator MAS, SDM-FSM
Erich Fischer, M.A. in Psychology
Claude Heini, Dr.
Dani Hinder, Certified Psychologist FH, dipl. Betriebsökonom FH
Joachim Hübner, Certified Psychologist
Beat Kappeler, Certified Psychologist
Elisabeth Moser
Maja Popp, MSc UZH
Nicole Riniker, Certified Mental Coach
Susanne Rohfleisch
Stefan Scheurer, Mag. phil
Petra Slembek, lic. phil.
Mona Spisak, lic. phil.
Eveline Trümpy, lic.iur, Mediator SDM-FSM
Heinz Vetter, Dr. phil., Certified Engineer ETH, Organizational Psychologist