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People Development
    Hansjürg Büchi
Dr. sc. nat. ETH
+41 79 361 05 40
  • Study of Earth Sciences at the University of Zurich
• Partial studies in Theology / Ethics at the University of Zurich as preparation for the
• Dissertation on the topic "Sustainable Development", Department of Environmental
  Sciences at ETH Zurich
• Further qualifications: adult educator SVEB I, CAS Experience Management Nature
  (development of activities in nature-based tourism), Higher Educational Management
  (management training for executives of the Swiss universities of applied sciences)
• Researcher at the academic center of the Reformed Church of Zurich
• Deputy Director of the Swiss Study Foundation, Zurich
• Department Head of Tourism, Construction and Regional Development, University of
  Applied Sciences HTW Chur FHO
• Associated research fellow at Collegium Helveticum ETH / University of Zurich
• Volunteering in numerous nonprofit organizations: e.g. two club presidencies, assessor at
  the Swiss Study Foundation, presidency over the board of a larger youth organization,
  councillor of a midsize foundation, public administration for the Reformed Church of Zurich.
• Director Huch GmbH - Interdisciplinary Project Development, Zurich (
• Member IDBZ
  Areas of practice
  • Universities: organization and strategy development
• Interdisciplinary collaboration in higher education
• Knowledge transfer between professionals and lay people
• Offer development in the field of higher education
• Education Policy: Universities / dual education system
• Nonprofit organizations: organizational and strategy development
• Volunteering in the nonprofit sector
• Sustainable development: knowledge transfer, development of sustainability concepts,
  implementation support
• Regional development: analysis of regional development potentials, development of
  comprehensive regional development strategies and implementation of alternative approaches
Organisational Development
Conflict Management
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