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People Development
    Petra Slembek
Master of Science; Executive Master Coaching & Consulting for Change INSEAD
Systemical Organisational Development Consultant mcv; MBTI OPP Oxford Coach

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  Petra Slembeks unique approach lies in the connection of rhetorical communication, leadership & management psychology and organisational development. Also she does research on a regulary basis.

Petra develops and delivers leadership Programs, coaches individuals & their teams and helps organisations to enhance their learning.

Petra Slembek is consulting in multiple highly complexe assigments in the area of transformation support. Also she teaches at University and supports leaders and their teams to develop further.

She has accomplished two universal degrees. First a degree in oral rhetorical communication and andragogy. In 2013 she graduaded with EMCCC from INSEAD in the area of management psychology. Her work got the highest grade of “excellent/ outstanding throught multiple areas”. Further she is a trained systemical organisational developer, mcv as well as a certified MBTI, opp Oxford coach. Petra is a member of the APA, American Psychological Association.

Since 20 years Petra works as a coach. She is deeply interested in servicing organisations, teams and individuals to develop and adapt to the complexe reality. Having herself a background as a leader a multinational organisation today Petra mostly consults on C-level executives and their teams.
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