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People Development
    Armin Reller
Prof. Dr. / Professor
+49 821 598 30 00

  • Studied Chemistry at the University of Zurich.
• Creation and coordination of the subject Environmental Studies.
• Chair of Inorganic and Applied Chemistry at the University of Hamburg
• Chair of Solid State Chemistry at the University of Augsburg since 1999.
• Direction of the Swiss program for hydrogen / solar chemistry and regenerative energy
• CEO of the Environment Science Center, WZU Augsburg
• Member of IDBZ
  Areas of practice
  • Peace and conflict research: perspectives for sustainable cooperation between the
  natural sciences and the humanities.
• Problems and prospects of the humanities.
• Active as chair of solid state chemistry
• Sustainability in economy and environment
• Sustainable strategies in ecology
• Life-styles and their impact
Organisational Development
Conflict Management
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