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People Development
    Beat Kappeler
Certified Psychologist
Zurich University of Applied Psychology HAP
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  • Studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Zurich
• Teaching physics and mathematics
• Degree in Organizational Psychology at the Institute of Applied Psychology, IAP, Zurich
• Long-standing head of the Department of Organizational Consulting and Executive
  Education at the Institute for Applied Psychology IAP Zurich, with various teaching and
  lecturing activities on topics such as organizational psychology, supervision and coaching,
  management and leadership, communication, burnout
• Founding member of the Interdisciplinary Advisory Group Zurich IDBZ, ever since,
  management and participation in various projects within the IDBZ
  Areas of practice
  • Development of training courses
• Conflict intervention
• Organizational consulting - monitoring of strategic processes
• Leadership and management consultancy
• Strategic consulting
• Moderation
• Consulting in change processes
• Sports counseling with a focus on "mental power"
Organisational Development
Conflict Management
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