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People Development
    Erich Fischer
M.A. Psychology
CORES Management and Organizational Consulting
+41 52 213 44 75
  • Degree in Organizational Psychology at Sonoma State University, California
• Studied Secondary School Teacher at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zurich
• Editor at Radio DRS and freelance journalist
• Leader of integration projects in the city of Winterthur
• Intercultural experience through working visits to Asia, U.S. and Europe
• Long-time lecturer in organizational psychology at the Institute of Applied Psychology
  (IAP / ZHAW), Zurich and at the University of Economics (HL), Zurich
• Management consultant and partner of SCORES, Winterthur. Previously an independent
  consultant in California
• Member of IDBZ
  Areas of practice
  • Change management, minor and major change processes
• Leadership development
• Executive coaching
• Organizational consulting and development
• Team development
• Conflict management
• Conduction of workshops
• Lecturer in leadership and management topics
Organisational Development
Conflict Management
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