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People Development
    Moreno della Picca
lic. phil. / M.A. Psychology FSP SGAOP
Management Coaching & Organizational Consulting
+41 78 60 61 62 0
  • Studied Work-, Organizational and Social Psychology, as well as Theatre at the
  University of Bern
• Training as a management coach at Bundesverband der Deutschen Psychologen in
  Berlin (BDP, Association of German Professional Psychologists)
• CAS in Advanced Coaching at zhaw IAP Zurich
• Neuro Imagination Coach ®, Brainjoin Academy Germany, DBVC certified
• Extensive experience as a human resources and organizational developer in a university
  hospital and an insurance company
• Activity in and head of management of education and consulting at the Institute of Applied
  Psychology, IAP, Zurich
• Lecturer at universities in Zurich
• examiner at Schweizerische Vereinigung für Führungsausbildungen (Swiss association
  for leadership training) SVF
• Independent consultant, member of IDBZ
  Areas of practice
  • Coaching of managers at all levels, as well as project managers
• Leadership development: management and leadership
• Stress management and resource allocation
• Self-management - "life domains balance"
• Conduction of workshops and leadership conferences (large groups)
• Guidance and support of teams in change processes (team mergers, conflicts in teams,
  rethinking work organization or replacement in teams)
Organisational Development
Conflict Management
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